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Pak Health Care Center is one of the leading health care centers in Pakistan, helping patients undergo liver transplant surgery
successfully. The main objective of this health care center is to provide quality health care services to patients. This health care center has collaborations with renowned hospitals and qualified surgeons in India.


Medical treatment for liver diseases and liver damage is always the first choice of therapy. The only reason to perform a liver transplant is that all other forms of treatment have been unsuccessful, and the patient’s liver can no longer support life. This is called End Stage Liver Disease. Visit our hospital along medical reports of patient. Our Specialist doctor can then suggest if liver transplant is appropriate.

Most important thing for suggesting liver transplant in India is cost effectiveness. If we compare India with rest of the countries we come to know that healthcare services are almost lowest as compared to any other country.
Country (In Dollars $)
USA ,UK (250,000 - 314,000)
CHINA (65,000-70,000)
INDIA (30,000-40,000)
Liver Transplant Procedure , Our process is very simple and it normally takes only 7-10 days before you leave your home for treatment. You need to follow our guidelines properly, to increase the chances of a safe and quick Medical Trip.

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