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OPD on Hepatitis,Liver Transplant and Pediatric Cardiology in February 2014 in Lahore.


Pediatric Cardiology OPD on 16th February 2014 in Lahore


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Scope of liver transplantation in Pakistan

Welcome to Pak Health Care Center, one of the most experienced healthcare service provider enabling people to access global healthcare services. This healthcare center is well known for providing top grade healthcare services to people who are in need of liver transplantation in Pakistan.

Pak Health Care Center has collaborations with some of the top grade hospitals in India that are well known for using advanced technology and team of expert doctors. All the dedicated hospitals and top liver transplant surgeons listed on our panel are experts in treating various liver diseases and carrying liver transplant surgery.

Why you should choose us?

  • A trusted health care center to advice and support you at the every step of the way and make your medical visit in India, a successful one
  • International set of rules and multidisciplinary team approach
  • Zero waiting time and liver transplant at world’s lowest price
  • Expert opinion from India’s top liver transplant surgeons like Dr Vasudevan, Dr Sanjay Singh Negi, Dr Saleem Naik, Dr Vivek,Dr Subash Gupta and Dr A S Soin
  • Our priority is scheduling your appointments, hotel, Visa assistance and local hospitality

For patients looking for liver transplantation in Pakistan, we refer them to India for cost effective surgery and treatment. There are a number of reasons why we refer our patients to top grade hospitals in India. The cost of healthcare services in India is almost lowest as compared to any other country. Doctors in India are considered to be the best in the world because they have high level of expertise in liver related diseases and liver transplant surgery.

The moment you contact us with your problems, we start our work in making your entire treatment, hassle-free and smooth. Once we discuss your problem, we will send your medical records to one of the hospital to discuss your case with doctors in India. We will send you the medical views from the selected hospital after discussion. We would provide you all the facilities that you would require to make your medical trip comfortable and stress-free.

Send us an email on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss your liver problems. We would analyze your case and would suggest you the best treatment for your liver disease. We have helped thousands of patients who have been looking for liver transplantation in Pakistan.

Call us on +92-322-6030505 with your problems and we would ensure that we provide you the best medial solution and care for your treatment.

Our Team Members

Dr. Mian Aziz ur Rehman

Dr. Muhammad Irfan
(Assistant Director)

Dr. Aejaz ul Haq
(Regional Director Multan)

Dr. Abdul Basit
(Regional Director Islamabad)

Sheikh Riaz

(Awareness Officers)

(IT Manager)


Dr.Anis Ghori

Dr. Waqas